1Q is just like the Google rewards app where you can earn money for answering a couple of questions like mini surveys. Unlike Google rewards you actually cash out with 1Q via Paypal which is automatically paid into your Paypal account each time you qualify for a payment from answering the questions. You can earn up to 50p per question/mini survey which is great, especially when you start to get loads of questions.

You have two options when you are setting up your account one is a lower payment of 25p per question/mini survey or the higher payment of 50p per question/mini survey. I personally went for the 25p option as it gives you more questions at the lower rate and more questions means more money in my pocket!

Each of these questions/mini surveys are only open for a limited time and have capped response rate at a certain amount of answers they accept. The best thing to do to make the most of it is turn on notifications on your device, this will ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. You can increase your chances of getting question by completing the free questions. The more free questions you answer to build a profile, the higher your chances are for the paid questions.

The only down side to this app is I had it installed for nearly 2 weeks before the questions/mini surveys started to come through, but now I am getting at least one a day and the money is starting to build up, especially when they only last a couple of minutes its worth a wee go.