20 Cogs

20 cogs is so easy to use and a brilliant way to earn some extra cash by simply completing 20 offers to get a pay out. Each offer is different and has different pay out amounts if you do not want to that offer you can click for an alternative offer. Some offers you have to sign up for a trail subscription or even make payments to betting sites or complete a survey.


So how does it work?

Starting with cog number one it will give you the option to complete or take an alternative offer, if you accept the offer read all instructions then click ‘take offer’ once you have completed the offer in full return to 20 cogs and your cog will have either turned amber as it will be pending or green if it is fully completed (some offers can take up to 24 hours for your cog to register as pending or complete) again some offers also take up to 30 to 40 days to complete, as it requires confirmation from the advertisers. Once you have completed the cog you will be able to continue onto the next cog. Once all 20 cogs have been confirmed and turned green, a pay-out button will appear and you will be able to withdraw your money via BACS or Paypal.


Things to note:-

  1. Read all the instructions carefully to ensure you complete each offer correctly.
  2. Keep a note of each offer you have completed and when they are due to be confirmed or any of the subscriptions you would like to cancel, be sure not to cancel any early or the will rejected within 20 cogs and you will have to take another offer.
  3. While completing each offer take screenshots just in case there are any problems with your cogs being confirmed; for instance, any deposits required and wagering money etc this way you can raise a query with 20 cogs and you have your proof you have completed the task and they will confirm your cog for you.
  4. If you do not want to be bombarded with phone calls and messages click ‘no’ when completing any survey offers, if you click ‘yes’ you may have signed up to premium rate messages which will additional costs to your mobile phone bill.