Facebook Competitions

Well what can I say and where to start??


Facebook competitions are awesome ways of earning cash, vouchers and brilliant prizes for a few seconds of mostly liking, sharing, and tagging.

So recently I have been trying my hand at all these competitions, I find you really do have to be into it for it to pay off but as the sayings go….’you’ve got to be in it to win it’ or ‘if your not in you can’t win’ and this is very true.

I have a few tips for entering I can’t promise this will work as it really does come down to the luck of the draw but it is worth a shot as they have paid off for me at times:-

  • Read all competition requirements and carry each of them correctly.
  • Be sure to like and share the competitions post not a post from a friend or family members page as this will not be counted.
  • Try to enter smaller local competitions more than the bigger ones as this will give you a better chance to win. I always say that someone does have to win the bigger ones but again there is a smaller chance it will be you, but the same chance as anyone.
  • If entering a lot of competitions keep a note of each one you have entered and when they finish so you can check them as not all pages can tag the winner so you may loose your prize if you do not check it.