Free Postcode Lottery

This is so easy to use and a fab way to enter into risk free prize draws simply register here for an account, each day The Free Postcode Lottery will send you an email which has a link to all off its draws, each day there are 7 different draws all of which need little or no input to find out the winning postcodes.  The different types of draws are below:

  1. Main Draw
  2. Survey Draw
  3. Video Draw
  4. Stackpot
  5. Bonus Draw
  6. Quidco Draw
  7. £20 Mini Draw

How does it work?

When you register your postcode it will automatically be entered into the postcode daily draw of which one is randomly chosen from each draw. If the winner fails to collect their winnings, the prize pot is rolled over. The more people within that postcode the bigger the chances are of winning.


Currently Free Postcode Lottery has over 800 thousand active users on the site, but as it only takes less 5 minutes each day to check the site and see if you are the winner, I think it’s worth it. The highest ever win from The Free Postcode Lottery is £2400!

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