Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is another money making site we use, you can earn extra money on this site via online surveys, games, sign up's, internet searches and betting. Inbox pounds is great as it has such a large variety of earning options and also give you 1p for each pre-paid email you go into and confirm that you have read it by clicking on the 'Confirm this PaidEmail' button.

You can cash out from Inbox pounds once you have reached £20 or more by requesting a cheque, an amazon gift certificate or a prepaid Mastercard, but the only thing with the prepaid Mastercard if you would like the card itself there is a £3.00 surcharge which is obviously not great as the aim of the game is to make as much extra cash as possible therefore the best options are the cheque or amazon voucher.

Inbox pounds can be great at earning at the start but can slow down quick enough once you have completed a lot of their offers although if you continue with their surveys on a regular basis you will make a steady amount.