Keeping Shopping Costs Down

Shoppers who make a list are 3 times less likely to over spend than shoppers that don’t and on average this will save £200 per year.

Here are some extra money tips to try while shopping to save some cash towards the little luxuries in life.

Try cheaper brands – most cheaper supermarket own brand food etc have the same ingredients in it as the main brands and are even sometimes made in the same factory as a household leading brand but much cheaper due to packaging etc.

Waste nothing – the average family with children throw away almost £60 of good food per month. Try to keep this to a minimum by keeping leftovers for lunches or freeze for another dinner portion because there is always someone in the house at some stage looking something to eat for dinner etc while the others are out. I even put my bread into separate portions and freeze them then it can be taken out at any time to be used and means I now never throw any bread out.

Use shopping apps – Shopping apps such as Checkout Smart, Top Cashback, Shopmium (use referral code KHEMKEAY to get an extra freebie offer) and Shopitize are all really easy to use and offer full cash back or part cashback for buying certain items within your grocery shopping, these items would normally include things like yogurts, sauces, herbs and spices, toiletry products & cleaning products.

My personal favorite is Checkout Smart as they have the most offers. I would normally check all offers out on all my apps on the way to the shops then look out for them while I am doing my shopping, always be sure to check you are buying these items in the correct shops to ensure you can collect your rebate, also check your pack sizes etc but this will be worth it and free is always good and even if you are only getting 50% cash back for these items its still better than full price 🙂