Lucky Leftovers

Lucky Leftovers


This is an app that you can enter free competitions, earn rewards and raise money for charity but using your leftover texts from your monthly allowance or prepaid credit.



You can do this by installing the app, then scroll down the list of latest competitions and selecting the ones you wish to enter. You have two options, one is for daily entries and one time entries. Obviously the more entries you have the greater the chance is of you winning! You can track your entries by setting limits to ensure you do not go over your contract free messages and get charged.



Earning rewards has never been simpler for each competition you will get one reward point each reward point equates to 1p and once it adds up to £5 you can cash out via Paypal or Amazon Vochuer.


On top of this you can win prizes all the time which are changing on a daily basis.  The prizes currently range from Playstations to vouchers, xbox game consoles and many more.


ONLY Suitable for android users and people with mobile phone contracts or pay as you go with inclusive texts.