Number Plate Lotto

The UK Free Number Plate Lotto is an other simple way of earning a few extra pounds by doing very little. Basically all you need to do is enter your car registration and your email address. Each day you will received an email about the daily draw which happens around 8pm. If the winnings are not claimed then it is a roll over to the next day and of course there is the loyalty bonus also for each day you check the results 2p gets added to your total which will add up quick enough.


The Number Plate Lotto also gives you a chance to earn some more money by referral's, you get 20p for every person that signs up, so for every 25 people you will have collected a £5 payout. We think this amazing as it means you don’t have to wait until you win to claim it, you can be earning for just telling friends and family about it.