Qmee have a few different ways to earn money online, it is so easy to use and the money gathers up quick enough.

Firstly the Qmee searching feature is easy and simple to use, all you do is complete a search through either; Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or Tesco websites, and Qmee works in the background with a bar at the side of the screen like the image below. When there has been an eligible search via one of the search engines listed above a bar will appear up on the left-hand side of your screen, which has an amount on it for how much they will pay you to use/shop via their link. Click on one of those links and you will be paid the amount shown to your Qmee account.

One thing to be careful with this is if you click on these links and don’t do anything and exit their website straight away, Qmee will penalise you and as a result not only will they not pay you but they will also stop you from using their search facility, so try and have genuine Qmee searches and this is a brilliant way to earn a few pennies by just searching the web when you would be searching the pages anyway and on average you could earn an extra £5 a month or more.


The other way you can earn cash through Qmee is by answering surveys. The Qmee surveys are the quickest way to earn cashback, as you will be getting a higher pay rate than the searches and it doesn’t take too long either.


Sometimes the pay-out for a survey will take a while as it needs to be confirmed by the company running it and also the odd time when you click through onto a Survey it can be declined by Qmee or the organiser straight away or after a few questions that is because they are looking for a particular group of people for their surveys eg a certain age group etc.


Qmee has no limits on when you can cash out it can be at any stage via Paypal, you don’t have to wait for a minimum amount; but if you chose to cash out with a gift card you must reach a minimum amount of £5 or more. You can also donate your earning to a handful of charities too.