Quidco is like Top Cashback, in that for a lot of your shopping online you can get cashback, the best part with Quidco is that you can add your bank card to your account and if you activate cashback offers when you hit to the high street shop it will automatically process a cashback claim for you. Which ultimately means that you can earn money back without even trying.


Another fab feature on Quidco is they have Clicksnap where you can buy certain items that are listed on their app and get some money back or even in some cases full cashback which means the item is free! All you have to do is buy the item, upload a photograph of the receipt and within a short period of time you will receive your rebate to your account.


Within the last couple of weeks Quidco have launched Opinions which are surveys. It does take a long time to set it up as the profiling for surveys are quite in-depth, however once it has been completed you get at least one survey a day and if you complete the survey it will take roughly 24 hours until the payment has been confirmed in your account, however it will take up to 3 months for the month to become payable, even though Quidco aim to do it within 1 month the surveys can take a little longer.


To cash out from Quidco once your earnings are confirmed you can opt to take it as a BACS payment or via Paypal, you also have another option to take it as a gift code/gift card for various high street shops, if you opt for an Amazon voucher code you will also receive a 5% bonus on top of the amount you are cashing out.


Sign up today to get a free £5 cashback on your first £5 earned!