Receipt Hogg

We have been using Receipt Hog from July 2016, it is really super easy to use all you do is take a photograph on their app of a receipt from anything you buy in a shop and you are rewarded with coins or in some cases for clothes shops etc you are rewarded with a few spins on the hog slots which also gives you a chance to win extra coins or cash back from your last shopping trip. As you go up the levels you are also rewarded with coins or a few spins on the hog slots, to go up levels all you need to do is just to keep using the app.


When you first join Receipt Hog you can earn extra coins by inviting your friends or family to join and also by connecting your email address or another member within your household. They also do a bonus sweepstake each month which they enter you into automatically with one ticket for each receipt you have snapped.


Receipt hog is available in the UK & USA and they only use your receipts for market research which is all kept anonymous it just gives retailers a better idea where customers are most likely to buy certain products etc.


Now for the most important bit the REWARDS…..

Receipt hog pay out rewards via Paypal or Amazon and minimum payout is from £3 for Amazon and £5 for Paypal which is great, free money is always good and for all you do is just take a photograph of your receipts you can’t beat it, I am currently at a £20 payout and still going, saving towards the £50 to make it seem more worth while and a better treat for myself & my family.