Swagbucks is a brilliant system to earn money in loads of different ways. Right from the moment you sign up you can earn Swagbucks (SB) by participating in polls and surveys, shopping, searches and watching videos; just to name a few.

Each month you get the opportunity to earn 300 extra Swagbucks by completing the daily task list, this must be done every day throughout the month which is basically completing 8 mini tasks and in return you will hit your daily target bonus.

At least once a day you will get the opportunity to earn at least an extra 3 SB by following them on social media, they give out a code on a daily basis on Facebook & Twitter and all you then do is copy and paste the code into your account and you get the extra points, its that easy.

The best reward from Swagbucks is when you first sign up and spend £25 or more via an online store from one of their linked stores you will get an extra 200 SB. The whole site is really easy to use and I found it really easy to get to grips with.

Swagbucks have helped so many of its members by giving them the opportunity  giving them nearly £100k back into their pockets. The overall cash earning opportunities are so varied an worth a go.

To cash out you can get it paid straight into you Paypal account, Various giftcards for high street shops or a virtual Mastercard, minimum cash out is from £1 depending on the option you go for.